Food and drink at Korsholmen

Private chef, catering, and Håholmen

At Korsholmen, we offer guests the choice between having a private chef and serving staff from Håholmen on the island, where you can participate in the cooking process, or opting for our combination of catering and dinner at Håholmen.

Our dedicated staff ensures the delivery of lunch and breakfast to the island at your desired time. You can enjoy your meals inside one of the houses or we can set up a long table on the dock. The chef takes care of all the practical aspects while you can contribute to the final touches of the cooking.

In the evening, you can be picked up by boat and transported to Håholmen. There, you can enjoy an aperitif at the Silver Bell Kro, followed by a delightful 3-course dinner, perhaps featuring cod as the main course. The dinner is served either in the Ytterbrygga restaurant or in a separate venue like the old bakery, Thecla.

Monica is enjoying bacalao with friends.
Guest eating together with friends
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